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IP alarm system.

Total control from app. Android, iPhone, iPad, or from any browser. arming, disarming, check the history, see snapshots. Receive push notifications on your cell phone and email when something happens, you receive alarm pictures quickly.

Secure4Home iPhone / iPad –  Secure4Home Android  – Secure4Home web acceess

No need phone line or SIM card simply plugs into the router (internet connection required). Battery back-up 7 hours of autonomy in case of power failure.

High quality manufacturing, via radio frequency 868 Mhz.


Kit Q3000 – 365 € including installation and startup.

  •  IP Smart Alarm Hub x 1
  • DC-S1 Door/Window Contact x1
  • IR-S1L PIR Motion Detector x 1


Kit Q3200 – 475 € including installation and setup.

  • IP Smart Alarm Hub x 1
  • DC-S1 Door/Window Contact x1
  • IRC-S2 PIR Motion Detector Camera x 1
  • RC-S3 Remote Control x1

You can add more detectors, and elements such as sirens, keyboard, smoke detectors, IP cameras, home appliances With ZigBee Home Automation Protocol. Ask us for the prices and available accessories.

We can make for you a real demonstration of the product.


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