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We have full range of Risco alarms. Specially designed for the user. Fully manageable through the app iRISCO Android & iRISCO iPhone. also you can be accessed from any computer through Risco Cloud.

We can also add IP cameras integrated into one system alarm system and video surveillance. When an alarm occurs you will see a video clip of 30 seconds to know what has happened, also you can watch anytime, anywhere live video. All this in one application wherever you are and with no monthly or annual costs. Cloud Risco is free!


The Risco systems can be transmitted over the Internet, connecting to your router or via GPRS with a SIM card. It is also possible to use both systems for added safety.

Installation can be wireless, wired or mixed. If you already have in your house wired alarm system we  can install just the central unit and the keyboard, using the rest of the wired detectors, sirens  with a considerable saving. You can give new life to your old alarm.

Risco Agility™3

Risco LightSYS™2



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